The III EISRI 2014 entitled Science, Media and Democracy focused on the importance of citizen-centred approaches to science and innovation in the European Union and was designed to create a unique opportunity for intersectoral and interdisciplinary discussion between leading stakeholders to:
• Create a debate at the level of heads of state and leading thinkers on the role of knowledge in the digital age reflecting the challenges and opportunities of the new media environment;
• Showcase global best practices and assess the most efficient ways how different stakeholders can contribute to this endeavour;
• Support intersectoral dialogue with the public at large on these themes and engage the public through the participation and cooperation of the European newspapers engaged in the Permanent Platform of Atomium Culture;
• Present concrete solutions and recommendations on the discussed problems and challenges having in mind both short-term and long-term perspectives.

The European Intersectoral Summit on Research and Innovation was the first European meeting for research and innovation designed to bring together top political leaders from Europe and key representatives from media, businesses and research institutions.
The dedicated workshops were designed to reflect the key issues in this area and to promote “out of the box” thinking and participatory processes.